No new words today, so far.  We spent about an hour on the phone, revising our plot outlline.  We're breaking this down analytically, figuring out how many words we need, then how many pages, then how many pages per chapter, how many chapters we need and how many scenes per chapter.  So we can write a sentence about each scene (or actually, one for each scene and one for its sequel) and that gives me the guideline to write the pages we need for that scene.

The basic plot idea is borrowed from Shakespeare.  I'm coming up with a variation on The War for the Oaks as a subplot.  Now if only the random dialogue/narrative generator had already been beta-tested, we could just use that for the actual word count...

thanks to Writer's Weekend

I'm reading Caitlin Kittredge's first book - Night Life - and my friends need to know something about the book.

In the acknowledgements, she thanks Corin and all the alums of the 2006 Writer's Weekend who reassured her she wasn't crazy to write a book about a werewolf detective.

It brought tears to my eyes.

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 For the past three hours, I have been cycling between checking my hotmail account, reading my LJ and checking the mail on my WRP email account.  I'm not expecting anything, but I'm looking for something exciting to come up.

Around a half hour ago, I did some laundry.  Then I checked the websites of some authors who attended WW, got an agent and are now multipubbed by large, NY publishers.  That was gratifying...

I spent a couple of hours today looking for locations for a small workshop event to take place next year.  I'm leaning toward mid-way between Seattle and Portland, only because the 'dream team' of authors I'd like to have as speakers are all from Oregon.  I haven't invited any of them to speak yet, because I'm waiting til after the Iron Springs retreat to see what folks want to do about next year.  One of the locations is in a train depot that is a stop for the Coast Starlight, so folks could take the train right to the event!

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 I am writing a were-penguin story for my submission for the Jay Lake writing retreat at Iron Springs.  it's a paranormal romance story, so it won't be to everyone's taste.  But who doesn't love a were-penguin?